I really do intend to get better about this… Even if I only post a couple of times a month, that would be better than only every couple of months.

The thing that I was so upset about before has been resolved and there has been reconciliation… This is VERY good. I learned a lot through the difficulty of it, but am glad that the friendship has resumed. Well, it actually hasn’t resumed… I think that it’s better than it was before the big stupid.

Dave and I made a list of all the things that I am dealing with, working on, struggling with… Came to 17 things. yaaaay… krispy kreme… Some good friends have left our church home, and since I was already working through some stuff, things have gotten even more foggy for me. I know they’re not leaving  me, and they will still be a major part of our life, but there’s still a sense of loss. Add that to my pre-existing confusion and Voila! Great big mess.

Had SLP meeting at M’s school today… He will be a junior next year, so that means he’ll get to do two years of Running Start! I am super excited for that. So proud of the young man he’s becoming.

There! With that I am actually leaving this on a fairly high note. I’m going to eat my lunch and take a nap.

Sure hope I get better about posting here!

Oh! Saw The Avengers! It was absolutely amazing! (06-01-2012 was when I actually saw it.)